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Month: July 2015

Our Local Strawberry Supplier – Warrens Farm, Cheddar

One recent sunny afternoon I was lucky enough to visit the Arthur David & Co. Strawberry supplier- Warrens Farm, Cheddar.

Having lived in Cheddar myself I had driven past Warrens farm on many occasions and never thought it was anything more than a fruit and vegetable stall. Little did i know, but in fact, hidden from the road is a large working Strawberry farm producing over 200 tonne of fruit each year.

Arthur David & Co. are increasingly trying to source local, high quality produce wherever possible and this is for numerous reasons. Not only is our carbon foot print at the forefront of our minds but also the quality of the produce. Being able to supply our customers with Strawberries which can be harvested and on our customers plate within 24 hours is a huge advantage, and benefit in terms of locking in the flavour and also the increased shelf life which results.

We love Warren farm Strawberries because they know what they are doing, Josh is now the 5th generation of farmer, with the Warren family growing Strawberries in Cheddar for 43 years. Through this history, caring about the produce has continued, with many of the labour intensive methods used ensuring only the highest quality produce is being grown, for example, fruit which doesn’t have the correct shaping, is removed early to ensure the goodness isn’t wasted on these but is saved, helping to grow the more worthy fruits. They also have extremely favourable weather conditions which allows for optimum fruit growth.

These fantastic Strawberries should be available from Arthur David & Co. until early December! WHAT A TREAT!

To see pictures of my visit and to learn more about how Warrens Farm have the best Strawberries please visit our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com

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