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Month: September 2015

Modern Gastronomy Starter Kits!

What better way to get started with your own fantastic gastronomy Starter Kit! Each kit contains:
• Digital scales x 1
• Plastic Pipettes x 2
• Syringe and Needle x 1
• Chefs Squeezy Bottle x 1
• Agar Agar x 10g
• Xanthan Gum x 10g
• Sodium Alginate x 10g
• CLG (Calcium Gluconolacate) x 5g
• Calcium Chloride x 10g
• Methylcellulose F50 x 8g
• Carrageenan Iota x 10g
• Crackle Crystals x 10g
• Chocolate Crackle Crystals x 10g
• Natural Peach Flavour Drop 5ml
This kit is just what you need to coincide with our fantastic orange Food Science Guide Brochure (which if you are yet to receive, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and one will be sent out to you).
These kits are at a fantastic introductory price – a really great buy!

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