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Month: October 2015

Trick or Treat?!

We have some fantastic goodies available to help you ensure the best Halloween yet! So don’t let this Halloween pass without a spook!

We have the standard Medium and Large Pumpkins (see our Pumpkin blog for great serving suggestions,) or if you are looking for a smaller variety our Munchkin Pumpkins (top left image) are a must try! English eating apples are plentiful for your apple bobbing including; Royal Gala, Cox, Delbard Estovale, Russet and Early Windsors, why not throw in an English Bramley to really give them a shock! We also have Chocolate and Toffee Apples available which our delicious! For decoration don’t forget our mixed Gourds box (top middle image,) which are full of unusual looking (inedible) squashes.


November Special – Essential Cuisine

Arthur David & Co. are proud suppliers of Essential Cuisine products.

Essential Cuisine strive to supply perfect:

  • stocks
  • jus
  • gravy
  • demi-glace
  • glaces

which will taste and perform like your own kitchen-made products, giving you the time to focus on the final dish.

Product list and images available in your Arthur David & Co. Finest Collection brochure (page 10 onwards).


Call one of the team now on 08444 120 555 to find out more.

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