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Arthur David Celebrate Product Launch Day For Fine Foods Brochure

It has been an exciting few months here at Arthur David, on May the 10th we held a product launch day to unveil our handpicked selection of products that we would be supplying to customers in our new fine foods brochure.

The 194-page brochure then went live on 18th August to all our customers – the brochure was very well received and we have had some fantastic feedback on the products available.

Find out more about the brochure and range of products and ingredients we have handpicked to suit the needs of any busy kitchen.

product launch day at Arthur David

Truffles and Mushrooms – Known as ‘chef’s gold’ our Tuscan inspired truffle range features pastes, creams, lards and salts to make any dish special.

Modern Food Ingredients – We recognised the needs of the modern kitchen when handpicking our modern food ingredients range. With fresh oils, gums, foams, reductions and everything else you need to create innovative and inspiring dishes in the kitchen.

Olives – All the olives available in our range are supplied from The Olive Stall – an established family business based in Cornwall offering a delicious selection of artisan olives including basil, spicy pimento and lemon.

Oils, Vinegar & Cooking Liquors – We have an extensive range of handpicked oils, vinegar and cooking liquors to suit the needs of any kitchen – from olive oil to cooking brandy.

Range of oils vinegars and liquors at Arthur David

Stocks & Glaces  – Many meals rely on a good stock – that’s why we offer only the best quality stocks, jus and gravies, along with a range of glazes and marinades to create delicious flavours in your kitchen.

range of cooking stocks and glaces available at Arthur David

Sauces, Mustards and & Mixes  – From table sauces to larger tubs for the kitchen. Our range of sauces, mustards and mixes contain all the essentials for any food establishments – our plastic 1.4kg are particularly popular in the kitchen and much more practical than their glass alternatives.

sauces range at arthur david

Blenders  – Blenders are Ireland’s largest producer of sauces and dressings – making high quality table sauce sachets with an easy opening mechanism creating less mess for your customers.

range of blenders sauces available at Arthur David

Pasta, Pesto & Paste – From spaghetti to Gnocchi, we have a wide range of pastas available with pestos and pastes available to compliment any dish.

<range of pestos and pastas at Arthur David

Seasoning & Spice – More than just salt and pepper. Our extensive collection of seasoning and spices includes peppercorns, whole and ground spices and dry herbs. You can browse our full range of wholesale herbs here.

Range of seasonings and spices available at Arthur D

Vegetables – Fruit and vegetables are where we started as a business and remains one of our core product ranges to this day. In addition to our fine foods range, we have a full selection of fresh wholesale fruits and vegetables available to browse on our website.

Range of fine vegetables available at Arthur David

Seeds, Grains, Pulses & Rice – From humble baked beans to pearl couscous, our range offers all the essential ingredients needed for the modern kitchen.

seeds, grains and pulses range at Arthur David

Oriental & Thai – The future of the oriental sector is looking promising, with an 18% growth in the UK of Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurants. Our range oriental and Thai range reflects this, with a broader selection of products essential to any restaurant serving oriental cuisine.

range of oriental and thai ingredients from Arthur David

Cured & Smoked – Our range of cured meats covers both Spanish and Italian meats with sliced options available for convenience. We also offer a selection of handpicked cured and smoked fish to suit any budget, from tuna chunks to salmon caviar.

range of cured meats and smoked fish

Free From Foods  – Whether for medical or lifestyle reasons, the number of people adopting a gluten-free diet has increased substantially – with younger consumers leading the way.

We’re leading the way in free-from products, with 11 pages of cakes, breads, pastries, milk and more to ensure you can cater adequately for all dietary requirements.

a range of gluten free products available at Arthur David

Chocolate  – Chocolate shavings, cups, pencils, truffles and cremes. Need we say more?

range of chocolate available at Arthur David

Flours, Sugars, Vanilla & Yeast – A range of flours, sugars and yeasts from everyday plain flour to more refined ingredients such as three malt and sunflower flour.

flour range at Arthur David

Fruit & Nuts – Both ground and whole nuts available for cooking and bar snacks, alongside a wide selection of dried fruits including tomatoes, plum slices, passion fruit flakes and powders to give your dishes that special finishing touch.

arthur david fruit and nuts range

Small & Wrapped  – Condiment portions designed with hotels in mind, our selection of ‘small and wrapped’ foods includes marmalades, jams, biscuits, spreads and more.

small jam jars

Crisps & Snacks – Our range of snacks includes crisps and nuts perfect for bar snacking, with every flavour your guests could ever want.

range of crisps available at Arthur David

Pidy & Pastry – Pidy is a Belgium based family business specialising in ‘ready to fill’ pastries to save you time in the kitchen, our selection includes sweet tarts, vol au vents, canopy shells, shortcrust and more.

range of pastries available at Arthur David

Breakfast Cereals – A range of cereals to ensure your breakfast buffet doesn’t disappoint, from cornflakes to organic gluten-free fibre flakes.

range of cereals available at Arthur David

Butter, Dairy and Eggs – From butter portions to liquid egg yolk, we have all your dairy needs covered. View our full range of dairy products including milk, cream, yoghurts, eggs and butter here.

a range of butters, dairy and egg products available at Arthur David

Cheese – We take pride in our vast range of fine cheeses from all around the world, with a focus on the best of British. Whether it’s a classic Brie jalapeno infused cheddar, we’ve got you covered. You can view our full range of cheese online.

No cheese is complete without crackers, that’s why we also offer a full range of Miller’s artisan crackers.

extensive cheese range from Arthur David

Beverages, Juices and Drinks  – From instant coffee to freshly squeezed juices, we have a full range of beverages to ensure your bar is always equipped.

range of beverages available from Arthur David

Frozen – Our range of frozen produce includes cakes, biscuits, pastries, processed foods, fruits and vegetables, bread purees and more! You can view our full range of frozen produce here.

Leave It With Us

Whether you run a small kitchen at a care home or a Michelin star restaurant, our fine foods and ingredients brochure was made with you in mind. With next day delivery available on the majority of products and orders up until 11 pm – you can be sure you can “leave it with us”.

Give us a call today on 0330 333 441 or use the live chat to talk to one of our friendly team about your requirements, alternatively, you can browse our full fine foods and ingredients brochure online.

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