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Arthur David Proud to Sponsor BARBIE

Arthur David Proud To Support Bristol’s Food Establishments

 As anyone interested in food will know, Bristol is a hotspot for up and coming restaurants, bars and independent eateries; at Arthur David, we count ourselves lucky to be based in such a diverse and exciting place with so many options available when it comes to food.

With big competition from larger chains, we think it’s important to provide support and a voice for the smaller establishments in the area, that’s why we were more than happy to sponsor the Bristol Association of Restaurants Bars & Independent Establishments (BARBIE).

Find out more about BARBIE and the work they do for the many restaurants, bars and eateries in the Bristol area.


BARBIE is a co-operative of local food establishments and forum for those in the industry, they have a very active Facebook group where industry members share ideas, job openings, training sessions, ask for recommendations and save money through BARBIE preferred suppliers like ourselves.

The group is open to those of any level, whether you’re a kitchen porter, chef or general manager – it can be a great place to advertise your establishment, allowing members to promote events running at their place; the group currently has well over 3,000 members so the events calendar is constantly being updated.

How Do I Join BARBIE?

If you work in or supply goods and services to the hospitality industry, BARBIE can be a great place for you to network and find recommendations. There are no prerequisites for joining, just head to their Facebook group and request to join – you’ll need to write a short line about why you want to join in order to be accepted.

Can Suppliers Join BARBIE?

Yes, for suppliers and reps like ourselves the BARBIE group is a productive place to network and advertise their services to those that may need them. Common requests include food suppliers, insurance for restaurants, photography services, wine and spirit training, accountancy, event hire equipment and waste collection.

You’ll need to be a sponsor to advertise directly on the group – but you can contact the group privately to advertise your services if you are offering preferential rates to BARBIE members.

Leave It With Us

Whether you’re a small, local food establishment, or larger chain of restaurants; we can help. With a huge range of fresh and frozen products, no minimum order and next day delivery on most items – you can be sure you can leave it with us.

Give us a call today on 0330 333 4441 or use the live chat to discuss your individual requirements with one of our expert team. Alternatively, if you’re in the BARBIE Facebook group, keep an eye out for Simon Harvey who will be more than happy to answer any queries or requests you may have!

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