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Cleaning supplies iincluding sponges, clothes and detergents

Cleaning Supplies and Disposables

Catering Supplies

cooked food on wooden board

We stock a wide range of catering supplies from napkins to cutlery to films and parchments.

Cleaning Supplies

Selection of unbranded cleaning products

We stock a wide range of cleaning products to ensure your kitchen maintains high standards of hygeine.

Little things giving a helping hand in the kitchen

 Every kitchen needs its support products, so why not get them from us too? We can supply you with all the everyday essentials such as glass and dish washer liquids, rinse aid, washing up liquids and spray sanitisers, but we also cover housekeeping, with our range of laundry powders, fabric conditioners and bathroom cleaning products.

There’s more! Cling-film, foil and parchments, labels and day dots, even butchers’ string and plastic bottles. Why look anywhere else?

So whether it’s smoking chips or cream cleaner, toilet rolls and hand towels, skewers and spray polish, we can provide everything you need conveniently from one place.


Help & Advice

To order from our range of cleaning products and disposable products give our friendly sales team a call on 0330 333 4441.

You can place an order six days a week through to 11pm, and there is no need to place large bulk orders, just get the quantity you need,

Alternatively, download our Cleaning Supplies and Disposables Brochure.

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