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  • Code: 436
  • Size: 125grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Mexican

Our Mexican blackberries have a deep inky sheen to their skin with a soft, juicy flesh that is sweet with earthy undertones earthy and a solid, edible stone.


  • Code: 438
  • Size: 113grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Spanish

Blueberries can be identified by their skins unique deep shade of blue, when it comes to taste they have a pleasant balance of both acidity and sweetness.


  • Code: 2442
  • Size: 125grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Spanish

Our Spanish raspberries are deep red in colour and covered in fine hairs that can be noticed whilst tasting. Brilliant for desserts, jams and purees.


  • Code: 439
  • Size: 125g
  • Unit: g
  • Origin: Dutch

Redcurrants are rarely eaten raw due to their bitter taste, they are bright glossy red in colour and make brilliant spreads, purees and jellies.

Cheddar Valley Strawberries

  • Code: 18008
  • Size: 250grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Local

Grown on the famous Cheddar Valley – these strawberries are rich, juicy and full of flavour. The best strawberries for strawberries and cream (take it from us).

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