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Broccoli & Cauliflower

Broccoli English

  • Code: 446
  • Size: BOX
  • Unit: BOX
  • Origin: E.U.

Broccoli grows much in the way a tree does, with a thick stem that sprouts edible branches – easy to prepare and very versatile.

Broccoli Spanish

  • Code: 460
  • Size: BOX
  • Unit: BOX
  • Origin: E.U.

Our Spanish broccoli is similar to the English variety but is cultivated when English broccoli is not in season.

Purple Sprouting

  • Code: 2406
  • Size: 3.5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: English

Our English purple sprouting broccolis’ deep colour can be used to add vibrancy and depth to any vegetable dish.


  • Code: 35063
  • Size: 4X500grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Various

Tenderstem broccoli is not dissimiliar in appereance to asparagus and brings together the genetics of both chinese kale and broccoli.

Curly Kale

  • Code: 476
  • Size: 10x250GRM
  • Unit: GRM
  • Origin: U.K.

Our English curly kale has a distinct crunchy texture and rich taste, it’s very versatile and can be used for everything from salads to chips!

Red Curly Kale

  • Code: 477
  • Size: 10X250GRM
  • Unit: GRM
  • Origin: U.K.

Despite the name, red curly kale has more of a deep purple colour – it offers an earthy and nutty flavour and tastes great when grilled.


  • Code: 637
  • Size: 8s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: E.U.

Our EU cauliflower has a soft and crumbly texture combined with a subtly nutty taste and is used in a whole range of dishes by our clients.

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