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Bunched Carrots

  • Code: 618
  • Size: 12s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Spain

Our Spanish carrots are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of different issues – bunched for convenience when ordering.

Main crop Carrots

  • Code: 584
  • Size: 10KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: U.K.

Extremely versatile in many dishes and easy to prepare. Our main crop UK carrots are an essential ingredient in any kitchen.

Chantenay Carrots

  • Code: 619
  • Size: 5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: U.K.

Chantenay carrots are smaller and thicker than most carrots – their crispy, earthy flesh. Try roasting with a honey glaze for a delicious side order.

Large Carrots

  • Code: 610
  • Size: 10KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: U.K.

Just as delicious and versatile – our larger carrots are picked at their peak of growth to ensure you get the most out of them.

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