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  • Code: 22001
  • Size: 15KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spanish

Our Spanish lemons have a thick yellow peel perfect for zesting – with an unforgettably citrusy flesh versatile enough to use across a whole range of dishes.


  • Code: 1404
  • Size: BOX
  • Unit: BOX
  • Origin: Brazil

As with our lemons, our Brazilian limes’ peel is great for zest and the zingy green flesh can be used for anything from garnish for cocktails to zesty desserts.

Large Oranges

  • Code: 2040
  • Size: 48s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Egypt

Our large Egyptian oranges are easy peel and their large juicy segments have a range of uses from garnishing meats to adding flavour to desserts.

Medium Oranges

  • Code: 2056
  • Size: 72s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Egypt

Just like our large oranges, these Egyptian medium sized oranges have a range of uses but their smaller segments make them a great addition to fresh summer salads.

Juicing Oranges

  • Code: 8105
  • Size: 15KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spanish

Our Spanish juicing oranges are grown specifically to be used to make fresh orange juice and smoothies – a perfect addition to your breakfast spread.

Pineapples Sweet

  • Code: 2250
  • Size: EACH
  • Unit: EACH
  • Origin: Costa Rica

Our sweet pineapples have a sweet juicy flesh, making them the perfect accompaniment to salty cheeses such as halloumi, as well as sweet desserts.

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