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Mustard Cress

  • Code: 2455
  • Size: X16
  • Unit:
  • Origin: U.K.

Delivering a particulalry pungent taste, Mustard Cress is a great addition to salads, raw or cooked fish or meat dishes. Available all year round.

Peashoot Growing (uk affilla)

  • Code: 2514
  • Size: BOX
  • Unit: BOX
  • Origin: U.K.

Versatile and fantastically delicious Pea Shoot adds a delicate flavouring to a variety of dishes.

Purple Shiso Cress x16

  • Code: 2490
  • Size: X16
  • Unit:
  • Origin: Dutch/UK

Offering a unique taste reminiscient of cumin, Purple Shiso can be used in a variety of dishes working well with wild mushrooms, cheese or bouillon.

Sakura Mixed Cress

  • Code: 2460
  • Size: X16
  • Unit:
  • Origin: Dutch

Choose a selection of cress that gives you a little of everything with our Sakura Mixed variety. Includes Shiso Cress & Mustard Cress for a mix of taste & colour.

Watercress Pre Pack

  • Code: 38001
  • Size: 100g
  • Unit: g
  • Origin: Each

This British Watercress offers a classic peppery taste ideal for salads, snadwiches, and stir fries.

Red Watercress

  • Code: 38013
  • Size: 20X100grm
  • Unit: grm
  • Origin: Spain

With an even stronger peppery bite than regular watercress, the ingredient is perfectly suited to salads. Avoid cooking this one of risk losing the vibrant colour.

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