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Exotic Fruit


  • Code: 810
  • Size: 10KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spanish

Clementines are a smaller fruit in the orange family, with bright fleshy sweet flesh covered in a leathery peel which is perfect for its zest.


  • Code: 809
  • Size: 10KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spanish

Our Spanish satsumas have a delicate orange peel that can be removed in just a few tears. These satsumas are brilliant for juicing and have very few pips.

Dragon Fruit

  • Code: 25
  • Size: 10s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Thai

Dragon fruit is one of the most beautiful looking fruits – with a pinkish sweet juicy flesh scattered with edible black seeds its perfect for fruit salads and cocktails.

Kiwi Fruit

  • Code: 1165
  • Size: 33s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Italian

Wrapped in a brown furry skin, with a soft emerald coloured flesh dotted with edible black seeds, the kiwi fruit works well in salads, juices and tarts.


  • Code: 1184
  • Size: 2KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spanish

The entirety of this exotic fruit including the skin is edible – because of this versatility, they can be used effectively in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Mangoes Airfreight

  • Code: 23012
  • Size: Each
  • Unit:
  • Origin: Brazil

Our Brazilian mangoes are green and red with a distinctive rich smell and sweet yellow flesh – ideal for chutneys, desserts and eating fresh.

Passion Fruit

  • Code: 2108
  • Size: 1.5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Colombia

Passion Fruit is a very tropical fruit perfect for salads and yoghurts with a deep purple skin surrounding a greeny-yellow jelly like flesh with large black seeds.

Paw Paw

  • Code: 28032
  • Size: 9/10s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Brazil

Paw Paw is a similar size to a lemon and when prepared, is filled with a ripe yellow flesh with dark brown seeds – makes amazing sorbets and ice creams.


  • Code: 2246
  • Size: X12
  • Unit:
  • Origin: Colombia

Encased in a lantern like husk – these fruits are similar in appearance and taste to tomatoes – and can be used in many of the same ways. In dishes


  • Code: 2494
  • Size: 24s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Malaysia

Given this name because of the starlike shape given when cut in cross-sections, our Malaysian starfruits are brightly green coloured with a juicy, crisp flesh.

Fresh Figs

  • Code: 907
  • Size: PRE PACK 4s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Brazilian

Our Brazilian fresh figs have a lime green and pruple skin with a pinkish juicy flesh and edible seeds. Figs are great to eat fresh, and also make amazing jams and purees.

Black Grapes

  • Code: 1094
  • Size: 4.5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: South Africa

Ranging from light to deep purple dependent on their ripeness, black grapes can be eaten fresh made into juice and raisins or jams and sauces.

Green Grapes

  • Code: 1112
  • Size: 4.5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Chile

The perfect grapes to eat fresh, rich, juicy and delicious. The perfect accompaniment to go with your menus cheeseboard.


  • Code: 2292
  • Size: 18s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Indian

Our Indian pomegranates range in colour from magenta to bright red, inside their leathery skin you’ll find the edible seeds which are perfect for garnishing special dishes.

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