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Onions & Shallots

Grelot Loose Onions

  • Code: 2014
  • Size: 5KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: French

Grelot onions are small and round in size – resembling that of a pearl onion this onion goes particularly well with poached halibut.

Red Onion

  • Code: 2002
  • Size: 10KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Dutch

Red onions are commonly used in sandwiches and salads, they have a purplish skin with spicy-sweet white flesh.

Onions Large

  • Code: 2011
  • Size: 20KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Spain

Onions are a staple ingredient throughout kitchens around the world – our large onions are perfect for chefs who get through a lot.

Medium Onions

  • Code: 1964
  • Size: 25KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: Dutch

Our medium sized Dutch onions have a sharp, mildly sweet flavour – a go to base ingredient for countless dishes.

Spring Onions

  • Code: 2480
  • Size: 12s
  • Unit: s
  • Origin: Mexican

Spring onions are underdeveloped white onions that are harvested early – they have a sharp, tang bitter taste perfect to add a new aspect to dishes.

Banana Shallots

  • Code: 2467
  • Size: 4kg
  • Unit: kg
  • Origin: French

Banana shallots are the largest variety of shallots we supply – they have a smooth tan coloured skin and are slightly milder than other shallots.

Round Shallots

  • Code: 2466
  • Size: 4KG
  • Unit: KG
  • Origin: French

Part of the onion family, with a skin and white flesh. Shallots have a milder and sweeter taste than that of our onions.

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