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Antipasti selection of meats

Ingredients & Fine Foods

Vegetables, Capers & Olives


From roquito peppers to pitted olives we offer a wide range of produce.

Sundries & Nuts


We offer a range of nuts and sundried products delivered straight to your door.

Stocks & Glace

Intensify flavour to any sauce, stew, and dish with our range of stocks and glace.


Snacks - Nori Crackers

For afternoon snacks and evening nibbles we supply a wide range of crisps, nuts, and snacks.

Salt & Pepper

Salt and pepper pots spilling onto wooden table

Essential salt and pepper for the perfect seasoning to your dish.

Rice, Pulses & Seeds


From regular rice’s to popular quinoa we deliver the finest ingredients straight to your door.

Patisserie & Sugar

A range of patisserie essentials from golden syrup & caster sugar to desiccated coconut & rose water.

Pastry, Cases & Carriers

Savoury filled pastry cases

Our range includes filo pastry, water biscuits, and carriers such as meringue nests & tuile baskets.

Pasta, Pastes & Purees

For classic Italian dishes we offer a range of fresh & dry pasta, pastes and purees.

Oriental & Thai

For a taste of Asia discover our range of pastes, sauces, rice, and noodles.

Oils & Vinegars

oils and vinegars in small glass jars

From balsamic vinegar to linseed oil we offer a selection of oils and vinegars for both cooking & dressing.

Jams, Jellies & Sauces

Assorted fruit berry jams (apricot, strawberry, raspberry, orange)

Ideal for toast to scones we offer a selection of jams, jellies and spreads.

Flour & Yeast

Riscossa Pasta Flour

Flour and yeast including organic, corn, and spelt delivered right to your door.

Dry Herbs, Spices & Sundries


We offer a range of herbs and spices to add additional flavour to your latest recipe.

Cooking Wine & Liquor

Marssala Cooking Wine

From port to sherry and red to white, essential cooking ingredients delivered straight to your door.


Dark and milk chocolate on wooden tables

Dark, white, & milk chocolate products including powders, cups & after dinner treats for a sweet fix.

Sauces, Mustards & Chutneys


From dijon and wholegrain to tartare and horseradish, find a wide range of sauces, mustards & chutneys.

Atkins & Potts


Relish, syrup, and jam for inspired dining from our Atkins and Potts range.

Taste of the Lakes


Speciality cured and smoked meats and fish from the exclusive Taste of the Lakes range

Duck, Snails, Pates & Terrines

From chicken pate to duck and orange pate, we offer the finest range of ducks, snails, pates and terrines.



From keta salmon caviar to crab claw meat our fine fish range delivered straight to your door.

Essential Cuisine


From standard stock mixes to premier jus we provide an extensive range delivered right to your door.

Charcuterie & Salame


We offer a wide range of Charcuterie produce from Spanish chorizo to Italian salame.



Find a selection of both hot & cold beverages including tea and coffee.

Experience Food Passion from around the Globe

Travel broadens both the mind and the palate, and as tastes change food fashion moves, there’s always the need to find something different.

And that’s what we do, we scour the world for the newest and very best products available, whether these are exotic mushrooms and truffles, authentic charcuterie and cooked meats from Spain and Italy or gourmet pastries from Pidy.

Markets such as at Rungis in France or in Milan are often home to some of the most inspiring new products, and with our direct transport links we can receive deliveries within hours of ordering.

But we don’t always have to travel that far, we support and buy from a growing band of regional producers offering truly unique products…and it’s all available to be ordered by you, six days a week through to 11pm.


Modern Gastronomy & Food Science

For the more adventurous we also offer a range of modern gastronomy ingredients used in the latest food science techniques found in the finest restaurants around the world.  Whether you want to experiment with Freshburst Pearls or Gastropaint or need the tools to get started we can help.


Help & Advice

If you are looking for something special to delight your customers then you are sure to find it in our Ingredients & Fine Foods Range.

Just give our friendly sales team a call on 0330 333 4441 who will be happy to help or to take your order.  They are available from 8am to 11pm, 6 days per week.

Alternatively, our in-house development Chef Steve Shore is on hand and happy to provide guidance.  Take a look at his selection of recipes for menu inspiration.

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