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Newsletter – Friday 24th February 2017

 Good Buys

We will see the first of our outstanding
English Strawberries at the start of
March, we cannot wait!
Superb Pink Ladies are in stock and
have a great flavour.
Raspberries are of very good quality and great to brighten up your dessert.



Our Black Grapes are a variety
called Starlight, they are bursting
full of flavour.
You cannot beat our Yorkshire
Forced Rhubarb this time of year!
New season Spanish Broad Beans
are here and tasting great!
Our Purple Sprouting, Calevo Nero
(Black Cabbage) and Kale is currently
being supplied from Mudwalls Farm in


 Worcester and they are all great quality.
Lovely Red Chard is available to order.
Leeks are one to order at the moment
and it’s not hard to see why, they are
good value for money and can be
used in numerous ways! If you are
a soup lover it’s the traditional Leek
and Potato all the way, and with
our delicious Maris Pipers you can’t
go wrong.

 Seasonal Info

We will be moving to European Savoy Cabbage in the coming weeks.
This week we will see the move to South African Williams Pears.
Yellow Courgette are becoming more readily available along with Prepack Spinach.
We have also been able to source Aubergines, Courgette, Iceberg, Cos and Little
Gem the availability is still limited but there is more product coming through.
Due to serve weather conditions in South Africa there will be a shortage of
South African Baby Veg, we expect this to be short for the next couple of weeks.

 Did You Know We Sell Eggs?

We have an Egg-cellent range of Eggs available!
Not only do we have our standard 5 dozen boxes of Free Range Medium and Large Eggs. But our Burford Brown Hens Eggs, Legbar Hens Eggs, White Duck Eggs and fantastic Quails Eggs are all in stock for next day delivery. So why not give your rep a call today to discuss pricing.

Code Product

978 Free Range Medium Eggs
922 Free Range Large Eggs
31166 Burford Brown Hens Eggs
11005 Legbar Hens Eggs
33068 White Duck Eggs
29001 Quails Eggs

 Just to Note

Source Trade Show, Exeter

We would like to thank you all for the support and coming to visit us at the Source Trade Show in Exeter! We had a fantastic couple of days seeing not only our lovely loyal customers but some potential new ones. Steve Shore also produced some fantastic nibbles.
Did you get to try any of the products that will be stocked later this year?!

Sunday, 26th March, Mothering Sunday

It’s that time of year again to start counting down to Mother’s Day.
If you require any specialist items please order early to avoid any
disappointment. This includes Baby Veg and Edible Flowers.


Recipe of the month

Hot Rhubarb Soufflé with candied Ginger, Ginger Madeleines & oven baked Rhubarb Crème Patissiere! Check out our website for more details
www.arthurdavid.co.uk/shorething for the full recipe. Then Tweet us, Facebook us or even Instagram it! But don’t forget to tag us! @ArthurDavidFWS 

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