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Newsletter – Friday 3rd February 2017

 Good buys…

Black Grapes are bursting full of flavour at present.

We cannot get enough of these fantastic Edible Flowers, perfect to garish your valentine’s puds!

Ooo yummy, the first of the Spanish Broad Beans are here! Lovely Hispi Cabbage is readily available and looking great. Not only do we have Curly Kale but
we have Red to compliment! We have moved onto Mexican Asparagus still
in 250g bunches.

New Season Dutch Toms are just around the corner, they will be here in the coming weeks.

Our ever growing range of micro herbs are proving very popular at the moment, great to add a splash of colour on top of any dish.

Did you know our lovely English Forced Rhubarb is harvested by candlelight?! Why not ask for one of our seasonal calendars to get the most out of your produce.

 Seasonal info…

We are being informed by supplier that the Potato crop is currently short by approximately 300,000 tonnes with nowhere in Europe to make up the shortfall, it is expected that prices will start to rise steadily.

We are likely to see a steady but slow increase in Spinach, we should have a small amount of Prepack toward the end of next week.

Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines have now finished for the season. There will be a short gap in the market until the Spain season starts.

Little Gem, Cos and Iceberg still remain hard to source with the current weather conditions in Spain.

Sourcing Baby Mix Leaf is slowly improving however the quality still remains poor which is leading to rejections.

Our lovely Autumnal Wild Mushrooms will come to an end in the next couple of weeks.


Tuesday 14th February

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Our Passion Fruits are a great addition to your Valentine puddings, not only for their name but also their delicious flavour. If you are planning to serve champagne, our fantastic Strawberries are a must. Don’t forget to Pre order your Baby Veg, Rose and any other Special requests by Wednesday 10th February. We have some delicious Miss Blush Potatoes perfect for roasting; they have a subtle nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness perfect for your valentine’s meal!

Why not add some fantastic colour to your plates this valentines with some beautiful Red Chicory, Red Kale, Red Radicchio, Red Little Gem or Red Watercress!


Just to Note…

We have recently been notified from our supplier about the increase in the price of some of our Bread lines. Please see below the lines it affects, the price increase is approx. 5% and will take effect as of 3rd February.


Tuesday 27th February

Pancake Day count down can shortly begin! And guess what, everything you need can be purchased from one Arthur David! Plain Flour (in a variety of sizes,) Eggs (Medium Caged, or Medium and Large Free Range,) Milk (Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed or Full Fat,) and Butter (Salted or Unsalted,) all available for next day delivery, but that’s not the best bit, we have so many healthy fillings available to you, as well as a few unhealthy (but yummy) ones too. Obviously we have the traditional Lemon and Sugar delight which we all know and love, but why not try them with fresh Strawberries,

Flaked Almonds (8626) and Maple Sugar (8864,) with a swirl of Aerosol Cream (8169) YUM!

Post your pictures to our Facebook and Twitter Pages, we’d love to see them!


Recipe of the month

Hot Rhubarb Soufflé with candied Ginger, Ginger Madeleines & oven baked Rhubarb Crème Patissiere! Check out our website for more details https://www.arthurdavid.co.uk/shorething  for the full recipe. Then Tweet us, Facebook us or even Instagram it! But don’t forget to tag us!



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