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Newsletter – Friday 5th May 2017

Good Buys

Awaken those taste buds National asparagus Month is upon us! Don’t forget we have three kinds of UK grown Wye Valley Asparagus in! White, Green, Purple and also don’t forget our Wild Asparagus.
Don’t forget we have some divine summer berries in stock including; Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries, as well as our mixed frozen summer fruits (8852) which are available by the kilo bag.

The crunch of a delicious sweet Pink Lady is unique, they are all handpicked when harvested. Did you know they are the first to blossom but the last to be harvested, this gives them extra time in the sun to give it its famous blush colour!


Apricots indicate the first signs of the summer and they are here! Along with our velvety Peaches and smooth Nectarines.

What makes cherries so delicious?! Well if their succulent texture and flavour isn’t good enough for you how about their health benefits?
Great source of vitamin A and apparently they help you sleep! 

Our Jersey Royals are looking delicious! however due to it being the new season they are slightly more expensive, we do however have some lovely Majorcan New Potatoes (2330) and of course our Cornish New Potatoes (28319) which are very flavoursome.
Prepack Spinach is looking and tasting great.


Fresh Peas are absolutely divine, are they on your menu?

Our main stock of Cauliflower is currently being sourced from France to support our limited amount of English Cauliflower, not long until the English season is fully upon us.

We have fantastic Round Courgettes in stock (both Yellow and Green), they are perfect for stuffing and a really great twist on the traditional Courgettes. Fear not, we still have both the standard green available, and yellow to complement.
New Season Primo Cabbage is in stock and looking great, we also have our lovely English Hispi Cabbage in stock.


Seasonal Info

English Bunched Carrots will shortly be here and we cannot wait!
We are now stocking Lovers potatoes again as the quality has now greatly improved. We aren’t far away from stocking Chilean Large Onions.
Our Kale have switched from Winter to our Summer Kale, this is usually more tender.
Sadly our delicious Purple Sprouting has now finished for the season.

Please note we will shortly be moving to the Southern Hemisphere for our Apples, this will have an effect in price but it does mean we will have some scrummy New Zealand Royal Galas in stock!
A limited amount of Wye Valley outdoor grown Rhubarb is available.
English Cos and Little Gem will shortly be here, followed by English Iceberg.
Wild Garlic is slowly coming to an end, so get it while you can!


Recipe of the month Broad Bean and Bruscetta!

Check out our website for more details shorething for the full recipe. Then Tweet us, Facebook us or even Instagram it! But don’t forget to tag us!  @ArthurDavidFWS


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