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Newsletter – Saturday 30th September 2017


 Good Buys
The French Quince season is upon us!
Quince is closely linked to the Pear family due to its appearance however it’s slightly larger and has a bright yellow knobbly skin, this isn’t the only thing to differentiate this fantastic fruit. Its tough spongy flesh is fantastic for paste or ‘membrillo’ which the Spanish often accompany with Cheese, so why not give it a go!

New season Galia Melons are wonderfully juicy and we also have French Cantaloupes to complement.
Our very popular Black Grapes will now move onto an Italian variety.

Fabulous Romenseco grown locally in Evesham is outstanding quality. Is it on
your menu?!

Our Mushroom range is to die for currently!
We have; Girolles, Chanterelle, Trompette, and King Oyster mushrooms as well as our
standard; Button, Cup, Flat, Oyster, Portobello, Chestnut, and Shitake.
What more could you ask for?!

Fantastic mixed Tri Coloured Chantenay Carrots are available in 5kg boxes.
Have you tried them yet?!
Kale! We cannot get enough of this fantastic super food.

Sprouts in October… yes, you read that right! We have a great supply of the first of many Sprouts.. after all, they aren’t just for Christmas!

Lovely Radish Meat in stock, why not try some of each colour; we have Blue, Green and Red. Red Radish Meat is also known as Watermelon Meat.
Piccalo Parsnips are ones to order this week along with our fab French Torpedo Banana Shallots!

Our Baby Veg is one to highlight this week! We have in stock, Baby Leeks, Baby Carrots, Baby Turnips and all the coloured Baby Beets!.

Feast Festival, Taunton – Sept 30th – 1st Oct 2017
 Recipe of the Month
 Seasonal Info
Recipe of the month!
The first week of autumn…and we have some real treats to tell you about. Our boxes of Mixed Squash (code: 33110) contain; Acorn Squash, Celebration Squash, Delicata Squash, Onion Squash, Sweet Dumpling and Sweet Lightning all of which are labelled and available in one 5kg box. They are also grown locally in Somerset. As well as the mixed box we are also selling the popular Red Onion Squash by the kilo.
With the Halloween count down underway as October is here, medium sized English Pumpkins and Large Pumpkins are now in stock, ready for next day delivery. Munchkin Pumpkin are also in stocks, these are the baby variety of pumpkin and are only 10-15cm in size, weighing 150gm per piece – a perfect selection for all your needs.
Toffee and Chocolate Apples are now available to order (48 hours notice) and they are a real treat, this will continue until approx. 5th November – Bonfire Night!
Due to low levels of sun light our Yellow Courgettes are in short supply.
Fresh Corn has now finished for the season, we do however have VacPac Corn on the Cob as an alternative.
We still have a few weeks left of our superb Cheddar Strawberries!
The Dutch season is drawing to a close so we will shortly move to the Spanish season, this generally starts with Aubergine and Cucumbers.

Roasted Cod!

Check out our website for more details shorething for the full recipe. Then Tweet us, Facebook
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