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Newsletter – Wednesday 24th May 2017

Good Buys

Berries! We love our Berries here, especially this time of year, UK Blackberries, lovely Cheddar Strawberries, Spanish Blueberries and Raspberries. Along with this we have superb Spanish Cherries!
First of the new season Watermelon are here!
Our lovely Green Seedless Grapes are packed full of flavour.
English Broad Beans here! Fresh Peas are of an excellent quality, they are ready and waiting.
English Bunched Rainbow Carrots don’t just look great but taste fab also!


New Season Primo Cabbage is looking superb along with our English Spring Green.
New Season Summer Black Cabbage is here, it is often slightly lighter in colour.
Chilean new season Onions are available.

One of our favourites this time of year is our Cornish New Potatoes from Helston absolutely delicious! We also have some beautiful new season Mids which are also from Cornwall, and our Jersey Royals continue to be a top seller and are of outstanding quality.


 You must have tried it by now but just
in case you haven’t! Our Wye Valley Asparagus is available in Green, Purple, White; all packed full of flavour!
Spanish new season turnips are one to
order this week and proving very popular. Our Bunched Beetroot is now being sourced from the UK.

Did you know Marrows are a type
of summer Squash? They have a great
health benefits!



 Just to Note

Have you checked out our New Online Fine Foods Brochure?

We have been working hard on sourcing and reviewing new products from our existing suppliers and seeking out new and exciting products and brands for the 2017 launch!

The Brochures will be available from July 2017

All products are avaliable to order and purchase now!
Give us a call:  0330 333 4441

 Seasonal Info

We will move to Dutch Fennel this week.
We have seen the last of the French Cauli
and will move to the English summer crop.
English Leeks have sadly come to an end,
we will now move on to Spanish.
The English season for chantenay carrot has now finished, there will be approx. a two week gap until the Israeli crop is here.

There will be a gap in season between our Chillean Plums finishing and our Spanish Red Beauty starting. We will let you know the minute they are in!


 Recipe of the month Broad Bean and Bruscetta!

Check out our website for more details shorething for the full recipe. Then Tweet us, Facebook us or even Instagram it! But don’t forget to tag us!  @ArthurDavidFWS

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