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Unusual Summer Ice Cream Flavours

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6 Unique Ice Cream Flavours to Delight your Guests this Summer

With the sun still shining and Britain soaring towards its hottest day on record, ice cream is a guaranteed earner for any pub, bar or restaurant. In fact, retailers are already reporting up to a 100% increase in sales on last summer.

Recently, the internet ‘broke’ after a small ice cream shop in Scotland revealed their new “mayonnaise flavoured ice cream”. Whilst this was perhaps a little too extreme, the huge boost of visibility the shop received through social media shares highlighted people’s love of the weird and wonderful.

Whilst chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are the traditional staple flavours of British ice cream, why not delight and surprise your guests by offering these unusual and unique flavours of ice cream?

Dragon Fruit

With its vibrant bold colour and characteristic small black seeds, it’s no wonder that dragon fruit makes for a truly unique flavour of ice cream.

Dragon fruit is generally available in two varieties, white-fleshed and red-fleshed. If you are using white-fleshed dragon fruit, you will need to use a food colouring in order to replicate the vibrant pink colour of red-fleshed dragon fruit ice cream.

Dragon fruit flavoured ice cream


The versatility and unique buttery flavour of avocado is part of what’s made it an unstoppable food trend in recent years, coupled with its silky texture – avocado makes for truly luxurious ice cream.

Why not try it topped with nuts and dark chocolate chips, serve in a frozen avocado skin with a chocolate ice cream ‘stone’ to give it that special something.

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Lavender and Honey

Honey ice cream is so easy to make and the perfect naturally sweet treat, the lavender added to this ice cream will give it a deliciously fragrant and floral undertone making it perfect for a hot summer day.

This ice cream doesn’t need to be made from scratch, you can simply add lavender or lavender oil and runny honey to soft vanilla ice cream, mix well and refreeze – serve with a lavender flower and chopped honeycomb.

Honey Flavoured Ice Cream

Popcorn Sundae

Sweet and salty with a rich buttery taste, this popcorn sundae will give salted caramel a run for it’s money. When making your ice cream, add salt in small increments to taste before freezing, serve with butter popcorn and caramel sauce.


Pumpkin ice cream will give a unique summery feel to this traditionally autumnal fruit, add cinnamon and a dash of dark rum to retain the deep earthy flavours. Serve in a hollowed out pumpkin topped with pumpkin puree – this ice cream also goes perfectly served with warm chocolate brownie.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi has a unique yet very soft and subtle flavour, making it the perfect light refreshment on a hot day. You can use the entire fruit with the exception of the skin, the small green seeds will give the ice cream a light crunch. Serve with a slice of kiwi fruit.

Should I Make My Own Ice Cream or Buy It In?

Making your own ice cream is generally a big selling point with customers, it also allows you to be more experimental with flavours – allowing you to serve up flavour combinations that can’t be bought elsewhere.

However, it does take time (which is at a premium in most kitchens) and can result in higher levels of food wastage in the kitchen when compared with buying ice cream in. As an alternative, you may consider buying in vanilla ice cream as a starting point, then creating sundaes/ice cream bowls with unique toppings and flavourings.

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