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Food Trends To Expect In 2019

The world of food changes all the time. 2018 was an exciting year for food, with new and exciting dishes being produced and exotic ingredients being more readily available to kitchens across the UK.

2019 looks set to be no different, with a whole host of exciting and interesting food trends on the horizon. Let’s take a look at some up and coming food trends that could blow up next year

The Unstoppable Rise of Veganism

Veganism was a trend that’s turned into a seemingly unstoppable movement, with the number of people adopting a plant-based diet increasing substantially over the last 10 years.

What’s more, the market is making it easier to go vegan than ever before. With vegan options popping up at practically every restaurant and substitutes like vegan cheese in the supermarket – the effort required to change one’s habits is less than it ever was in the past.

With retailers already recognising the value of veganism, food establishments will also benefit from catering to this market by providing vegan dishes on their menu. This doesn’t mean scrapping all or any of the meat on your menu, but ensuring there are options available for everyone will make your establishment more appealing to a broader audience.

Veganuary is just around the corner, so why not check out 5 vegan recipes to get you started.

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A Return To Whole Foods

With the rise of the keto diet craze, more people are becoming aware of the potential perils of eating too many refined foods: sugar, white flour, and oils. 2019 could see a return to eating more whole foods, particularly whole grains.

Food establishments may not see a huge impact as a result of this trend, as people generally expect to be able to indulge when they eat out. That being said, chains such as Pizza Express and Wetherspoons have made the decision to offer low-calorie meals as part of their dinner menus to attract this business.

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Consumers Will Want To Know Where Their Food Came From

Transporting food is a necessity of the modern food production system, especially as people expect the variety of produce on the shelves at all times. But consumers increasingly realise that although the current food production system offers them a choice, it might not be good for their health or that of the environment.

Research shows that long-distance transport of food leads to a reduction in its healthful properties, even if it is shipped in refrigerated contains. What’s more, transporting food to distant markets overseas uses vast amounts of energy – increasing that carbon footprint.

In 2019, we’re likely to see consumers take even more interest in where their food came from, who made it, and whether producers are doing their bit to care for the environment. Tastes may shift, as consumers begin to select local (possibly more expensive) produce over international alternatives.

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A Movement Away From Plastic-Wrapped Food

The UN Environmental Programme recently declared war on plastic in the oceans. According to their data, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea every year. That’s the equivalent of a dumpster’s load of waste every minute.

It’s arguable that governments and industry aren’t moving fast enough on the issue, and so people have started to take responsibility into their own hands for plastic waste.

In 2019, it’s likely that we will see more people demanding that the plastic wrapping for their food be eliminated or reduced. If you own a food establishment, you should ensure that you understand how much plastic waste your ingredients generate and look for ways to reduce it.

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The Return of Full-Fat Dairy?

TIME magazine and other major publications are in the process of trying to resurrect full-fat dairy products from the dead, claiming that it could, in fact, be healthier than skimmed varieties. The return of full-fat will no doubt delight foodies and restaurateurs who rely on it for its rich, creamy textures to create indulgent dishes.

We could also see some producers experimenting with dairy-derived foods that have been all but forgotten in 2019. Curds and labneh could be making a return to the dinner table, just as kefir did in 2018.

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Choose A Supplier That Moves with the Times

If you run your own kitchen or food establishment, you’ll recognise the importance of staying ahead of food trends to keep customers coming back, so don’t let your food supplier hold you back.

At Arthur David, we adapt to trends and stock a wide range of ingredients from humble fruit and veg to progressive fine foods and ingredients to set you apart from the competition.

For more information, give one of the team a call today on 0330 333 4441 or use the live chat feature to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

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