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Pan roasted loin of Cod Rainbow Chard with Squash puree and Saffron potatoes

Butter Nut Squash (Code 365)
Fish Stock (Code 37008)
Onions (Code 1964)
Celery (Code 707)
Leeks (Code 1186)
Double Cream (Code 897)
Saffron Strands (Code 8450)
Pink Fir Apple Potatoes (Code 2300)
Salt (Code 8284)
Rainbow Chard (Code 2737)
White Cooking Wine (Code 8062)
Cod Loin
Salted Butter (Code 17)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Code 8002)
Micro Red Basil (Code 23080)


  1. Squash puree: cook the squash in fish stock with onions, celery and leeks. Once cooked blend to a smooth paste with a little cream.
  2. Saffron potatoes: cook the potatoes in water with saffron strands and a little salt.
  3. Rainbow Chard: steam the chard leaf and blanch the stem in water.
  4. White wine cream: reduction of fish stock, white wine and double cream.
  5. Pan fry the cod loin in butter and olive oil.

To assemble

  1. Drag the squash puree across the plate, put the cod over the chard leaves and dress the
    plate with nuggets of rainbow chard stem and saffron potatoes. Finish with the white wine
    cream, and sprinkle with micro red basil.If you wish, English pumpkins may be used as an alternative to butter nut squash.

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