All Season


Start Of Season
Potatoes, main crop Good all round varieties like Estima and Marfona
Pumpkin First of the UK Pumpkin season
Squash Several varieties of Squash in season this month

Still In Season
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin
Parsnips Devon Parsnips, good availability
Peas (fresh) Last month of the UK fresh Pea season
Apples, English varieties Many varieties available, best at this time
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Lovely vegetable, weather permitting
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK
Raspberries UK Raspberries still available

End Of Season
Chard Good product still in season
Corn on Cob (fresh) Sun ripened and fantastic end of season value
Courgette End of the UK season
Fennel UK grown but Dutch available as substitute


Still In Season
Celeriac Supplied all year round
Swede Good year round supply
Chantenay Carrots Great UK alternative to traditional Carrots
Tenderstem Broccoli Great traditional English product
Kohlrabi This relative of Cabbage can also be eaten raw
Leeks UK Leeks, good supply from Devon

End Of Season
Blackberries UK crop now ended
Bokchoi Last month of UK Bokchoi, Italian from now on


Still In Season
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK
Quince Good UK product, as an alternative to French
Brussel Sprouts Tasting great now
Red Cabbage Good size; great value vegetable
Bunch Carrots Heritage varieties should be available
Rhubarb Great for Autumnal dishes
Carrots Don’t forget prepared Carrots are available
Romanescu A green forest of peaks and spires, at its best now