All Season


Start Of Season
Cob Nuts Tasting like Hazelnuts, these are in season now
Greengages Beautifully sweet UK fruit
Kohlrabi A relation of Cabbage from the Brassica family
Mushrooms, Wild Some UK sourced Wild Mushrooms available
Pears, English Varieties English Pears season starting now

Still In Season
Chantenay Carrots Small and sweet, a must for any plate
Spring Green Cabbage Beautiful UK Spring Green available now
Curly Kale Packed with fibre and goodness
Strawberries Herefordshire and Cheddar grown product
Leeks UK Leeks, good supply from Devon
Swede Sourced from award winning local grower
Lettuce, English Supply of locally grown Lettuces
Tenderstem Broccoli Good UK product
Marrow Good product from UK growers


Still In Season
Brussel Sprouts Great tasting UK Sprouts now in season
Romanescu UK available, weather permitting
Bunch Carrots Good local Carrots
Samphire UK, but European alternative available
Carrots Bunched, loose and Chantenay all great now
Savoy Cabbage Good UK supply available now
Cauliflower Season in full swing, should be best value now
Spring Green Cabbage Good quality pre-packed Cabbage

End Of Season
Runner Beans UK Runner Beans finish this month
Salads, English Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers around until Oct
Strawberries UK supply ends, Dutch or Spanish now available


Still In Season
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin
Parsnips Devon Parsnips, good availability
Potatoes, main crop Good mashing, roasting and boiling available
English Apples English Apples, available until January
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Great product, but can be weather affected