All Season


Still In Season
Salsify Root vegetable belonging to the Dandelion family
Savoy Cabbage Popular, dark green sourced all over the UK
Artichoke, Jerusalem Good sized artichokes from the UK
Spring Green Cabbage Lincolnshire supply from the Fens
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK
Sprout Tops Supply can be limited as it depends on Sprout availability
Brussel Sprouts Great UK supply, mainly Lincolnshire
Swede Great Somerset grown Swede in good supply
Chantenay Carrots Washed Sweet Baby Carrots
Tenderstem Broccoli 100g provides the full daily requirement of vitamin C


Start Of Season
Artichoke, Globe Popular product sourced from across the UK
Asparagus, Start of English Asparagus, short season of 6 weeks
Potatoes, main crop and New Start of Jersey Royals season
Samphire Often sourced locally from seashore

Still In Season
Artichoke, Globe Beautiful Artichokes from UK
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK

End Of Season
Carrots Last month of UK supply, will be European for 6-8 weeks
Chantenay Carrots Last month for UK, no foreign substitute, UK quality can be suspect
Curly Kale Locally grown crop will end soon for about 2 months
Parnsips End of the English supply until late summer
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Grown in the Vale of Evesham
Salsify Mainly a European crop but now grown in the UK


Start Of Season
Peas (fresh) First month of the short UK season
Spinach UK crop available until October, both Baby and Long Leaf

Still In Season
Asparagus, English Sourced from Ross on Wye or West Somerset
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK
Cauliflower Cornish or Lincolnshire, European available if necessary
Celeriac Good quality UK supply

End Of Season
Sorrel Fabulous locally sourced Sorrel available
Swede Local season ending, Scottish alterna