All Season


Start Of Season
Carrots, loose Hydro-cooled Carrots from Lincolnshire
Savoy Cabbage Good size, dark green UK supply
Sweetheart Cabbage Limited supply but beautiful flavour
White Cabbage Smaller heads than Dutch, good quality
Wild Garlic Foraged locally, available Feb-April

Still In Season
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin
Parnsips Devon Parsnips, good availability
Potatoes, main crop set skin Most varieties, Maris Piper good for roasting
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Very weather dependant, can be expensive, low portion yield
Red Cabbage Sweet UK available, generally smaller than foreign
Rhubarb Yorkshire forced ending this month, moving on to outdoor

End Of Season
Cavelo Nero (Black Cabbage) Locally sourced from Wiltshire


Still In Season
Rhubarb Rhubarb is available from Somerset and Lincolnshire
Red Cabbage English is smaller than Dutch, and beautifully sweet
Spring Green Cabbage From our grower in Lincolnshire
Swede Somerset grown Swede still going strong
White Cabbage Smaller heads than Dutch, good quality

End Of Season
Brussel Sprouts Season ending this month


Start Of Season
Bokchoi Grown in the Vale of Evesham by a family business
Broad Beans Start of UK season
Chard Swiss and Rainbow varieties available
Marrow Start of the UK Marrow season
Lettuce, English Supply of locally grown Lettuces begins, runs May-October
Morel Mushrooms UK Morels available now

Still In Season
Rhubarb UK supply available for next 6 months
Samphire Good supply now all summer
Spring Green Cabbage Beautiful loose leafy heads, dark green
White Cabbage Consistent UK supply from Lincolnshire

End Of Season
Artichoke, Globe Popular product sourced from across the UK
Leeks UK supply ends for 2 months, Dutch and Belgian alternative