All Season


Start Of Season
Courgette Start of the UK season, sourced from Evesham
Gooseberries Beginning of season from Somerset
Kohlrabi UK season commences
Raspberries Start of UK supply
Romanescu Start of UK season, can be sporadic due to weather

Still In Season
Marrow Supply generally available until October
Potatoes, New Cornish, Pembrokshire, Devon and Kent all available
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin
Peas (fresh) Available until September
Red Cabbage Sweet UK available, generally smaller than foreign


Start Of Season
Fennel Start of UK grown Fennel
Leeks UK Leeks, good supply from Devon
Red Kale Beautiful Wiltshire produce available now
Romanescu UK grown

Still In Season
Lettuce, English All local, many varieties please ask for details and prices
Marrow Supply generally available until October
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin
Peas (garden fresh) Somerset grown available in loose and prepacked

End Of Season
White Cabbage Smaller English product, great taste


Start Of Season
Apples, English varieties Russet, Katy and Discovery all available
Apples, Bramley Cooking Bursting with flavour, unbeatable
Chantenay Carrots (UK grown) UK supply recommences this month

Still In Season
Chard Locally grown Chard in good supply
Salads, English Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers around until Oct
Celeriac Somerset and Lincolnshire product available
Runner Beans Stunning UK and local Beans available
Corn on Cob (fresh) Fresh Corn at its best now
Samphire Sourced from UK coasts
Courgette UK season continues
Spring Green Cabbage Pre-packed for freshness