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Section 172 Statement

Section 172 Statement

Promoting the success of the company

The company was started by Arthur David in 1962 and the company has continued to be controlled and run by the David family since then. The company is proud of the way in which it has grown, developed and provided employment, training and financial reward in the local area for both its owners and employees.

The directors believe that the long-term success of the business is linked to the achievement of five “Core Values”. It actively engages with employees to live these values of Customer Service, Quality, Excellence, Teamwork and Respect. This also drives relationships with customers, suppliers, the local community and the wider economy and world in which we operate.

The directors are always seeking to add value, improve efficiencies, control costs and grow profits and market share and aims to make decisions for the long-term future and success of the business.

Sustainability and social responsibility

The company is aware of its wider social responsibility to minimise waste, reducing energy usage and promote recycling and has recently set some challenging longer-term objectives around this. The directors will constantly monitor and adapt its business processes in order to hit these targets.  It will ensure that the business considers the impact of its actions on the wider environment and continues to source products locally where possible.

The company continues to support local charities such as the “Billy Chip” scheme and the “Matthew Tree Project”. It is also going to team up with the “Force For Good” charity and has also sent a donation to the “Disaster Emergency Committee” to support the people of Ukraine during the ongoing conflict.

The company has continued to work with its’ new waste disposal partner to focus on recycling levels. It is also working with customers and suppliers to reduce plastic packaging, reducing energy usage and reduce food miles by continuing to use and develop the existing route planning transport system.

Dated: June 2022

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