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What’s In Season – August – Artichoke

Posted On : 17.08.2018

Making up the foundation of our logo, we can’t deny our bias towards the delicious yet somewhat misunderstood vegetable that is the artichoke. Being essentially an immature thistle, its unique look can put shoppers off, but preparing and cooking with the veg is easier than it looks. When it comes to cooking, the distinctively sweet taste coupled with the subtle

6 Unique Ice Cream Flavours to Delight your Guests this Summer

Posted On : 26.07.2018

With the sun still shining and Britain soaring towards its hottest day on record, ice cream is a guaranteed earner for any pub, bar or restaurant. In fact, retailers are already reporting up to a 100% increase in sales on last summer. Recently, the internet ‘broke’ after a small ice cream shop in Scotland revealed their new “mayonnaise flavoured ice

What’s In Season? – July – Beetroot

Posted On : 12.07.2018

Love it or hate it, beetroot is certainly the marmite of vegetables. With a distinctive bold colour, smooth texture and nutty and earthy taste, beets have become an increasingly fashionable ingredient in modern cooking; they also hold powerful health benefits making them a great option for cooking healthy meals at home. To celebrate beetroot season being in full swing, we’ve

How To Reduce Food Waste In Your Restaurant

Posted On : 21.06.2018

Food waste is a huge issue in the UK restaurant sector, with research by WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme) estimating a total cost to business of £682 million. The research also estimated an average of £0.97 of avoidable waste is generated per meal. Despite these figures, just 27% of food waste produced by UK restaurants is unavoidable. Reducing food

Everything There Is to Know About Asparagus

Posted On : 25.05.2018

Asparagus, dubbed the Usain Bolt of the vegetable world – with spears that can grow up to 10cm in just one day. This vegetable has grown immensely in popularity in recent years, and we are now in the middle of the much anticipated (but sadly very short) British asparagus season. To celebrate the stunning range of Wye Valley asparagus we

5 Of Our Favourite Risotto Recipes for Your Dinner Menu

Posted On :

Risotto is an icon of Italian cuisine, with origins back to the 1800’s. Traditionally served as a starter, this versatile dish can bring together unique combinations of flavours and ingredients and is the perfect addition to any dinner menu. To highlight some of the stunning dishes that can be created, we’ve rounded up our top 5 risotto recipes for your

Pizza Topping Ideas to Make Your Establishment Stand Out This Summer

Posted On : 26.04.2018

With the sun finally basking down upon us (for a few days at least), it seems every beer garden and restaurant with outdoor seating is full. Along with increased takings on drinks, pubs can really benefit from catering for the weather and pizza is the ultimate snack for the sun. Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic pepperoni, Margherita

“British Tapas” – Best Small Dishes for Your Bar Menu

Posted On : 23.03.2018

Tapas and other small plates have erupted in popularity over the last few years, with weekends generally being the biggest source of income for pubs and restaurants for food; these budget-friendly plates can be a great little mid-week earner for the business. Whilst tapas is traditionally associated with Spain, there’s no reason why the bitesize meals can’t be adapted to

Veganuary 2018: 5 Delicious Recipes To Get You Started

Posted On : 11.01.2018

Veganuary is here, the annual event in which people from all over the world adopt a vegan diet for the month of January. The movement grew by 260% in 2017, with over 60,000 committing to a plant-based diet for the month. As the early beginnings of our company were focused in the fruit and veg supply business, we thought we’d

Christmas Menu – Last Minute Checklist

Posted On : 04.12.2017

Christmas is coming! Whilst it brings ‘joy to the world’ for most, it can be a challenging period for hotels, restaurants and other food establishments; with large parties to cater for, menus to plan and more people to serve – it is no surprise that the occasional essential item slips through the net. Many restaurants will opt for a set

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