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MIGHTY M.LK is big on flavour, amazing nutrition and contains no Dairy, Nuts or Soy. Who’d have thought M.LK made from Yellow Split Peas and Oats could pack so much goodness?! Our M.LK has way more protein and calcium than regular plant milk, and Split Peas have a tiny carbon footprint so it’s super sustainable too.

You can now get MIGHTY in more than 5,000 stores in 12 different countries across the UK, Europe and Asia – and we’re just kicking off. Every day, more and more people are waking up to the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable MIGHTY M.LK.

MIGHTY was founded by brothers, Tom and Nick, in 2018 to shake up the market with a more nutritious and sustainable plant-based milk. Now one of the biggest independent family-run plant-milk businesses in the UK, their mission is to switch one million people to plant milk. Thanks to a unique blend of peas and fermented oats for a milk-like taste, the MIGHTY range of non-dairy milks is growing (in popularity and choice) all the time.

Arthur David have been proudly supporting and supplying the West Country food sector for over 60 years.

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