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Hey, We’re Esther And Omar, Founders Of Yumello
We met trekking in the Atlas Mountains near the Berber village where Omar grew up. He knew the paths like the back of his hand and the best way to fuel for a long trek – a delicious blend of roasted almonds and argan oil traditionally known as ‘amlou’, and eaten with almost anything!

From The Atlas Mountains To Bristol
Just over a decade after we first crossed trails we chose to dedicate our time and energy to creating something meaningful, sustainable, and delicious… We created our first batch of 100 jars and started selling our favourite spread at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Market every weekend… Yumello was born!

Changing The Peanut Butter Game
The traditional Berber spread became the foundation for our own nut butters and the Berber people themselves, the real inspiration behind Yumello; their approach to life, their love of nature and hunger for adventure.

Our Nut Butters
At Yumello we like to play around with the norms of what peanut butter can be. We haven’t stopped at just natural ingredients, we’re all about big, bold flavours worth talking about. We believe our award-winning nut butters are so popular because people can taste the difference in a product that’s made by people who care about quality and innovation.

Our Impact
At Yumello we believe that business can be a force for good. Good for the earth and for its people. Our aim is to create a responsible business leaving the planet in a better place than we found it. We’re committed to a light footprint on the earth and making our products the right way.

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