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cooked food on wooden board

Catering Supplies


Selection of napking on a wooden surface

From napkins to sushi rollers find all those additional extras here.

Sous Vide Bags & Plastic Containers

sous vide bafs, and jars of dry pasta

Vacuum sealable food-safe bags and plastic containers for both cooking and storage.

Piping Bags, Muslin & Silicon Paper

Brownies being pipes with cream cheese

Whether cupcakes, pies, or brownies we supply catering aids for all of your baking needs.

String, Acetates and Chopstick

wooden chopsticks

From butchers string & chopsticks to acetate rolls for patisserie and chocolate work.

Skewers, Squeezy Bottles & Smoking Chips

vegetables on a skewer

Catering aids from maple smoking chips and bamboo skewers to standard squeezy bottles.

Wraps, Films & Parchments

cooking on parchment paper

From standard aluminium foil to eco cling film we supply products for all of your food wrapping requirements.

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