Gender Pay Gap Report

We are required, by law, to publish our gender pay gap report, which can be found below.

As an equal opportunity employer, we ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently relating to all areas of employment. All pay is governed by the HR & Payroll department to ensure any inconsistencies are addressed and only authorised if they fit within the company’s salary banding which is based upon the job role, skills, duties and level of responsibility, influenced by the external market.

The annual gender pay gap reporting offers a fantastic opportunity for us to review the data in a different way. Although we are confident that we offer fair pay to all employees this report does address the fact that we have more senior males than we do senior females. Further detail will be provided regarding this within the quartile area of this report. We have made considerable headway in this area by recruiting and promoting female employees within the organisation to more senior roles.

What is a Gender Pay Gap Report?

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in the average hourly pay and bonus pay received by men and women, irrespective of their roles, across the whole business.