Key People

Arthur David is nothing without its people. Each and every colleague protects our standards, supports our customers, partners with our suppliers and ensures our core values are upheld so you can leave it with us.

Our ‘Big Cheeses’

Phil David

Co-Chairman & Head of Sales

The business was started by my father `Arthur’ so I have grown up with it always in my life, it’s in my blood! I enjoy the fact that each day brings something different and I am continually learning, keeping me passionately focused on doing what is best for our customers, suppliers and staff. My role as Co-Chairman is to drive standards & performance, so it positively affects both our customers and suppliers. I am committed to maintaining our BRCGS accreditation and looking for new ways to introduce and support sustainability throughout the business. I am also responsible for leading and mentoring the field sales team, ensuring we are consistently providing the care and attention that our customers require.

Alex Rall

Managing Director

I love working with Arthur David as it has allowed me to grow as a person. Helping me build strong relationships with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Arthur David is a unique business; I love that every day brings a new set of challenges which helps me step out of my comfort zone. As of October 2022, I took on the responsibility as Managing Director. My future plans are to grow and strengthen this great business that has been trading successfully for over 60 years. My vision is to build a culture within the business where people strive for excellence whilst driving efficiencies across the business.

Jon Evans

Head of Culture

Arthur David is a fascinating place to work. It is made up of many different types of people, with a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. It is a place where you can be yourself. Most of all though I work for Arthur David for the amazing approach to customer service. In these days where service can be questionable, Arthur David still holds this core value dear to its heart and delivers what it promises. I am Head of Culture – my role is to help our people be the very best version of themselves. I work with our management team to develop KPI’s, 90-day plans and quality 121’s. Culture is often described as values +behaviours and my role is to develop these behaviours to ensure they are in line with our values and we are living our objective of People First.

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