We’re at the beginning of our journey towards a sustainable future for our business and people.

An Environmentally Friendly Service

We will always strive to be better than average and lead the way when it comes to the service we give our customers.

Reusable delivery trays

In order to reduce the amount of cardboard entering the supply chain. We’ve stopped using cardboard boxes and now only use reusable plastic trays for deliveries. Whilst initially very costly, we’re proud to say that it has reduced cardboard waste by 500 tones. The trays have a life span in excess of 3 years. Once they come to the end of their life, they are collected and recycled.

Reducing our packaging

We line our delivery trays with a plastic liner. This serves a number of purposes; firstly the liner protects against cross contamination. Should the delivery be left outside, the liners protect the goods against the elements. Lastly, once the goods are removed we can take the tray away, further reducing the amount of packaging left with the customer.

Making better choices

Internal packaging for items such as loose apples or allergen products used to be plastic. This has now changed, and today we choose to use only fully recyclable paper bags. We strive to provide as much loose product as possible. Using the bags for safe transit or for allergen requirement only. We are greatly influenced by our customers and we conduct regular feedback surveys to identify products where the packaging needs improvement.

We Will Collect & Recycle Your Plastic

As an added service to our customers we offer to collect and recycle clean plastic packaging. The unwanted plastics will be returned to our site where it will be bailed and recycled by our waste processing company. This company is licensed to carry and dispose (recycle) the waste again this waste is controlled and subject to our obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations.


Tonnes of waste cardboard saved


Before our reusable trays are recycled

Working together for a sustainable future

We’re fully committed to providing a greener service

Greener choices throughout our production

We are always undertaking continuous improvement to reduce the amount of packaging in house and from our supply chain. We aim to eliminate the use of packaging in fresh produce by choosing to provide more loose items instead of pre-packed. Where packaging is necessary for quality or allergens we only use fully recyclable paper bags. We also choose to select products made from recycled materials, such as our pallet wrap and tray liners.

Choosing suppliers that match our ethos

Products with innovative packaging reduction take pride of place on our shelves. Responsible packaging is as important to us as it is our clients. That is why when evaluating possible new suppliers they must show that their products have no unnecessary packaging and the materials that have been used are environmentally conscious. We also expect them to actively review the way they supply their produce.

Responsible Waste Management

Since November 2020 we’ve used ‘Bristol Waste Commercial’. Working with a company that is local to us helps to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. ‘Bristol Waste Commercial’ offers responsible disposal in the UK, zero to landfill and minimal EtW. It gives us the ability to better monitor invoices and collection notes allowing for the data to be reviewed and addressed regularly (in progress).

Reducing Food Waste

The main way in which we can support customers in expanding their social values is through our leading environmental and reducing waste commitments. Surplus stock; fresh produce not up to spec and goods nearing their best before date will be offered to charities and organisations that can still make use of it.

The reduction of food waste increases community engagement, helps fight food poverty and reduces packaging waste. A recent example: RaviOllie, who have made 400 portions of Ravioli filling from our surplus pumpkins to be distributed to vulnerable homes via FareShare (one meal sold = one meal to FareShare).