We know that the Fine Dining experience starts long before the guests sit down

We offer complete menu support & advice

Whether you require analysis of your current menu or full menu planning, our Executive Chef, Steve Shore is on hand to support you.

We can help you with menu costing & budgeting

Calculating food costs can be a time consuming task, but staying on budget and calculating your finances will ultimately save time, money and prevent unnecessary waste. Whether it is small changes to your menu, recipes or trying out our freshly prepared range. Our Executive Chef Steve Shore is on hand to provide advice and guidance on budgeting and managing costs without compromising on taste or quality.

Nutrition & allergen support and advice

In recent years people have become much more health-conscious and aware of their food choices. Additionally, there has been a considerable rise in food allergies and the requirement for ‘free from’ options. Sometimes healthy food is not just a personal choice, but a necessity. Our Executive Chef Steve Shore will be able to guide and advise you on current legislation whilst providing you with ideas on how you can create delicious, healthy alternatives for your customers.

Bespoke menus tailored to your requirements

Whether you are looking to give your menu a boost, take advantage of in-season buying or offer your customers more plant-based dishes. Our Executive Chef Steve Shore will work with you to understand you business requirements and the needs of your customers before supporting you with menu development, planning and product innovation enabling your business stay on trend and within budget.

Menu Gordon Jones – Bath

Gordon Jones, Chef & Owner

Steve Shore is my main contact at Arthur David and he is incredible. 

I have a high end and fast paced restaurant in Bath. We serve intricate and, at times, experimental modern cuisine. Our clientele expect to be surprised by each and every plate and this means we need to be brave with our techniques and our ingredients. Steve has 25 years of experience as a Michelin Star chef with his own restaurant, this means we speak the same language. He knows the products I need, he understands the standards and quality I need and most of all he gets what we are trying to achieve here – every single day. I feel very well represented by him – I know he will always push for the absolute best because his standards are so high himself.

He just gives me the personal touch and I am so glad to have him in my corner.


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