Accreditations & Awards

We strive for excellence everyday – and we’re delighted to have been recognised for our commitment to exceptional service

We are committed to continuous improvement and professional development

We strive to achieve better outcomes, a better customer experience and enable all of our people to reach their potential.

We continually invest in our people to ensure that they provide the best service

We want to do things that reward, invest in and foster a work-life balance for our employees because these things are the right thing to do. At Arthur David we offer career development opportunities that match our employees’ skills and desire to succeed. Annual performance and development appraisals provide the framework for personal goals and professional development. We help our employees to achieve their goals by offering training and development programmes.

We are always improving the way we deliver to our customers

As a dedicated West Country food delivery service, investing in our vehicles and logistics is paramount to maintaining the high level of service we offer our customers. Our modern fleet of dual refrigerated vehicles ensures that you receive the best quality products at a time that suits you. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to plan routes. Our vans begin to leave our depots as early as 2am ensuring that we are at you door and delivering your fresh produce before your kitchen opens.

We support our suppliers to be the best that they can be

Our suppliers form an important part of our community and this is core to our business and values. We enjoy a long history with our supplier partners, committing to contractual volumes and buying at seed. This provides reassurance to them and commitment to their products. We are dedicated to growing these sustainable relationships with local suppliers, helping them to build their valued brands through the Arthur David business.