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Browse our full range of milk

Our Dairy range offers milk from cows to soya, lactose free & almond delivered fresh to your door daily.


Browse our range of creams from single to whipped

Single, double, whipping or clotted we supply a wide range of cream, delivered daily to your door.

Yeo Valley Dairy

range of yeo valley dairy products

Enjoy our range of Yeo Valley produce including yoghurts and milk, delivered fresh to your door.


Our range of fresh yoghurts

We offer fruit, natural or Greek yoghurt in a single serving or larger catering sizes.


Range of free range eggs

From everyday, free range, and cooked & peeled eggs to duck & rare breeds such as Cotswold Legbar.

Butters & Fats

Individual butter portions & rolls from Netherend Farm plus other butters, spreads & a range of cooking fats.

Our Dairy is stocked full to the brim

Remember the rattle of milk bottles being delivered to your door?

Well, we still offer that early morning service, but nowadays with a lot more choice…and not just between full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed, we stock soya, wheat, rice, lactose free whole and skimmed, and almond milk in 1litre Tetra packs, so you can meet all your customers requirements. If you’d prefer your fresh milk in 189ml containers…we do those too.

Then there’s single, double, whipping and clotted cream and even lactose free; yoghurt, both fruit and natural in single serve and catering sizes; crème fraiche, sour cream, butter milk and a variety of butters in packets, rolls and foil portions, plus Netherend Farm wrapped 10 and 30grm portions.

If it’s eggs you are looking for then look no further, we can supply free range, liquid egg products, fresh and cooked and peeled quail eggs plus eggs from duck and rare breeds such as Burford Brown.

Mascarpone or margarine, goats butter or Greek yoghurt, cream cheese or clotted cream, you can order six days a week through to 11pm, and then just…

“Leave it with us”


Help & Advice

To find out more about our wide range of dairy products or to place an order contact our friendly sales team on 0330 333 4441.  They are available from 8am to 11pm, 6 days a week.

Alternatively, download our Dairy Brochure.

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