Let’s talk deliveries: Meet our transport team

In today's fast-paced world, the role of a delivery driver has become increasingly essential and whilst the occupation offers it's fair share of benefits, it is not without it's challenges. From long hours on the road to unpredictable weather conditions, delivery drivers face a unique set of difficulties that can often go unnoticed.

At Arthur David, we operate 133 vehicles daily across the business with some of our furthest delivery points being Padstow, London, Birmingham and Tenby. On a regular day, a driver travelling to our furthest delivery point can rack up an impressive 300+ miles on their satnav!

The physically exhausting aspects of the job are pretty apparent, but what are some of the other challenges our drivers face? Navigation, vehicle damage and the weather are just a handful of daily struggles but the most difficult from a drivers perspective will be meeting customers delivery windows, whilst all of our drivers do their upmost to get there on time, this is not always possible and dealing with these situations correctly requires patience and excellence communication skills.

We sat down with Matt and Emma our head and assistant head of transport to ask them a few questions.

What would you say are some of the biggest obstacles that the department faces?

We would definitely put the weather as one of the top problems we face, it is so unpredictable and we never want our drivers to be put in a situation where they are risking their lives. Last year during the winter months we faced some really difficult scenarios with snow and ice and it's those moment that can escalate very quickly; as leaders we have to make on-the-spot decisions for the safety of over 110 members of our team.

What progress do you see the department making in the next 5 years?

Currently, the department is at the best it has been in a long time so we are not looking to expand the team anytime soon. We will however, look at growing with technology and potentially delve into some new systems if they become available to us.

And we obviously had to ask this one... What's your favourite fruit & veg?

Emma - Keeping it simple with a Banana & Broccoli

Matt - Apparently doesn't eat fruit & veg, shocking!!


Georgina Williams, Marketing Assistant.

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