Moving Mountains Food: Adventure Into Flavour!

In the ever-evolving landscape of food production, Moving Mountains has emerged as a top player in the meat-free sector. Founded with a mission to address the environmental and ethical concerns associated with meat consumption, this company has carved out a unique space by offering high-quality, plant-based alternatives that appeal to a broad audience - and, they actually taste great as well!

Moving Mountains was founded in 2016, with a clear vision in mind - for delicious, sustainable, and cruelty-free food options to be accessible to everyone. The company's dedication to this vision is evident in its meticulous approach to product development. Using cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of food science, Moving Mountains has created a range of products that closely mimic the taste, texture, and cooking experience of traditional meat, which is hard to come by in the ever-growing meat-free industry.

One of their top products, the Moving Mountains Burger, has gained significant attention for its realistic meat-like qualities. Made from a blend of plant proteins, including pea and wheat, and natural ingredients like beetroot juice, the burger is designed to sizzle, bleed, and taste just like a beef burger. This fab products not only caters to vegetarians and vegans but also attracts meat-eaters looking to reduce their meat intake without compromising on flavour or experience.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Moving Mountains' ethos. The company recognises the significant impact that meat production has on the planet, from greenhouse gas emissions to deforestation and water usage. By providing plant-based alternatives, Moving Mountains aims to reduce the environmental footprint of food consumption. Their products require fewer resources to produce and generate lower emissions, making them a more sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Ethical considerations also play a crucial role in Moving Mountains' mission. The company advocates for animal welfare and strives to offer cruelty-free food options that do not involve the exploitation of animals. This commitment resonates with a growing number of consumers who are concerned about the ethical implications of their dietary choices.

Last week the team from Moving Mountains popped in for a visit and they came bearing goods for the team to try. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how much both the burgers and sausages tasted like real meat, with most even grabbing seconds!

Georgina Williams - Marketing Assistant

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