Our Tour of White Lake Cheese Factory: A Taste of Artisanal Excellence

This week, we had the honour of visiting Roger & the team at White Lake Cheese in Somerset.

When it comes to cheeses, White Lake Cheese stands out as a true gem and a beacon of artisanal excellence. Produced with passion, creativity, and a commitment to quality, White Lake Cheese is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation that can be found in the world of dairy products – the number of awards they have won speak for themselves!

White Lake’s home is nestled in the heart of Somerset at Bagborough Farm – just near the Glastonbury Festival Site, in Pylle, and are a local supplier of ours that we are proud to work with. Roger gave us a tour around their Cheese Factory which gave us an incredible insight into their daily practise. The milk they use to create such wonderful Goat’s cheeses is provided by Roger’s own herd – a mix of Toggenburg, British Alpine and Saanen Goats. They also create wonderful Sheep & Guernsey Cow’s milk cheeses; both are made with milk supplied by very local and well trusted herds; a true community!

Walking through the factory was a magical experience, arriving at new rooms and cellars around every corner, each with a very specific role in the cheese-making process. It was clear to see dedication & was great to meet the team behind it all. Using traditional cheese-making techniques combined with a flair for experimentation, the skilled cheese-makers continually push the boundaries of flavour and texture. From soft and creamy cheeses to aged and crumbly varieties, each creation showcases the artistry and passion behind their craft.

White Lake offers a diverse selection of cheeses, each with its own personality and charm. They are all handmade, hand wrapped and while they embrace traditional cheese-making techniques passed down through generations, they also strive to innovate and introduce new flavours to the cheese world.

White Lake Cheese prides itself on its commitment to quality and sustainability. They source their milk from their own animals and other local farms that share their values. The small-scale production allows for meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every batch of cheese meets their exacting standards. By using sustainable farming practices and supporting the local community, they work extremely hard to minimize their environmental impact and create a positive social influence.

Following our visit, it really is evident that White Lake Cheese is more than just a dairy farm; it is a testament to the art of cheese-making. From their commitment to quality to their diverse range of cheeses, they offer the key to unlocking new dimensions of flavour in your dishes. Allow their cheeses to become your culinary companions, elevating your creations and delighting the palates of your diners. From start to finish, every step is infused with care & passion which is not only tasted in their cheeses but also shone through the entire visit, thank you so much for having us!

White Lake Cheeses we proudly supply:

9114 – Driftwood – one of our best sellers! Driftwood is a beautifully creamy and soft textured Goat’s Cheese. Dusted in ash with a geotrichum rind, it has citrus notes & earthy undertones. The perfect addition to a salad, pizza or simply on a cheese board – delicious with a little bit of chilli jam.

9314 – Tor This fresh Lactic Goat’s Cheese is made in a pyramid shape with a geotrichum rind and a dusting of charcoal. It has a lemony flavour and very smooth, close texture. A stand out choice for any cheeseboard.

23029 – Solstice A semi-soft cheese made with rich Guernsey Cow’s milk. The curds and rind are gently washed in Temperley Somerset Cider Brandy giving a wonderful silky golden hue.

13212 – Katherine This is a raw milk Goat’s cheese made using natural rennet, matured for around 2months and washed in Somerset Cider Brandy to give a mellow and smooth flavour with a firm texture.

4446 – Bagborough Brie An excellent example of a mild and distinctly creamy brie made from organic Guernsey cow’s milk. It goes without saying that added to a bacon sandwich, this cheese will delight your taste buds!

13831 – Pave Cobble This uniquely truncate shaped cheese has a soft and springy texture which becomes meltingly creamy with age. Coated lightly in ash to create the geotrichum rind. Initial flavours of sweet cream followed by nutty notes and a soft tasting, rich, opulent and smooth flavour - developing more complexity when aged.

23060 – Goat’s Curd – another of our best sellers! This is an extremely versatile, light, clean and fresh flavoured cheese, becoming increasingly popular as it has many uses in the kitchen. Perfect for making pasta sauces, dips, ravioli, risotto and cheesecakes to name a few uses.

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