Pedalling for a Purpose: The Tour de Bristol 2024 in support of St. Peter’s Hospice

Over the weekend, cycling enthusiasts from across Bristol and beyond came together to pedal for a cause close to their hearts in the Tour de Bristol bike ride. This annual event, organized to support St. Peter's Hospice, saw riders of all ages and abilities take to the streets, raising both awareness and funds for the vital services provided by the hospice.

The Tour de Bristol, now in its tenth year, has become a staple in the city's calendar, drawing cyclists eager to challenge themselves while making a positive impact in their community. This year was no exception, with participants gearing up for routes ranging from leisurely family rides to more challenging courses designed for seasoned cyclists. The atmosphere was electric as riders gathered at the starting line, exchanging words of encouragement and sharing stories of loved ones who have benefitted from the care and support offered by St. Peter's Hospice. Many participants adorned their bikes with colourful banners and flags, proudly displaying their commitment to the cause. Amongst the crowd, was our one and only marketing manager, Mike, who signed up for the 100km ride this year and he absolutely smashed it! 4 hours and 20 minutes later Mike crossed the finish line with two sore legs - and then even rode home as well, what a champ!

As the ride kicked off, cyclists were treated to stunning views of Bristol's landmarks. Despite the occasional hill and patch of rough terrain, spirits remained high throughout the journey.

Along the way, rest stops provided much-needed respite for riders to refuel with snacks and refreshments, generously provided by local sponsors and volunteers. These pit stops also served as opportunities to connect with fellow participants, forging new friendships amidst the whirl of spokes and gears. Arthur David manned one of the very first rest stops this year and it was a pleasure to interact with the cyclist who took on the challenge and to hear some of their stories.

For many riders, the Tour de Bristol was about more than just completing a challenging route—it was about honouring the memory of loved ones and supporting an organization that provides comfort and care to those facing life-limiting illnesses. Every pedal stroke was a testament to their dedication to the cause and a reminder of the impact that collective action can have on the lives of others. As the day drew to a close and cyclists crossed the finish line, there was a palpable sense of achievement and pride in what had been accomplished. With smiles stretching from ear to ear, participants celebrated their personal milestones and the collective success of the event in raising vital funds for St. Peter's Hospice.

You can read more about the fab work that St Peter's Hospice do here.

If you fancy taking on the challenge next year, you can now sign up for 2025 Tour De Bristol!

Georgina Williams - Marketing Assistant

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