Single Variety Co: Essence In Every Jar

In a world of culinary complexity, Single Variety Co. rekindles our love for simplicity. Their jams & preserves, embody the essence of each individual flavour. From Raspberries to Chillies, each unique taste is captured through careful selection and craftsmanship.

Single Variety Co began back in 2016 from Co-Founder Nicola’s home kitchen in London. Determined to make the very best tasting fruit preserves and chilli jams that you can buy, she tried lots of different varieties of fruit and experimented until she had developed the tastiest jams using the least sugar possible, each jam showcasing the true flavour of the fruit. Nicola also visited chilli farms and chose three very unique chillies to develop her three chilli jams- one mild, one hot and one super-hot!

“My mission is to make really delicious jams which you want to use in all sorts of ways!” - Nicola - Single Variety Co Founder

We at Arthur David, have worked with Single Variety and their wonderful array of Chilli Jams for a while now, and we are super excited to now announce the launch of some of their delectable & award-winning Fruit Preserves & Marmalades. Each fruit is meticulously cooked in small batches to intensify their natural sugars and create a rich colour & deep flavour, giving over 50% of fruit in each jar.

So, let’s take a closer look at our brand-new arrivals:

28957 – Passionfruit Preserve, Great Taste Award Winner 2021 - Bring the taste of summer to your plate! This Passionfruit Preserve is super fruity with a sharp tang - they leave the seeds in too for a bit of crunch. Use it as a compote- it's absolutely fabulous with yoghurt or porridge.

4517 – Blood Orange Marmalade - Made using the very best Blood Oranges, cut to a thin shred. Unlike a traditional marmalade which has a bitter flavour, this marmalade has a fresh sweet tangy orange flavour. Perfect served with French toast or crepes.

22109 – Maravilla Raspberry Preserve, Great Taste Award Winner 2022 - British Maravilla raspberries are used to make this intensely delicious raspberry preserve. Cooked in small batches for the shortest time possible to preserve their deliciously tart and fresh fruity flavour. Absolutely delicious with yoghurt.

23518 – Amalfi Lemon Marmalade, GOLD award winner in the 2023 Marmalade Awards - Fresh organic Amalfi lemons are used for this special marmalade. They’re large, very fragrant, a little sweet and a little sour. All the lemons are hand sliced to a medium shred and then cooked slowly to soften. Sugar is added to then boil quickly until setting point is reached, with a traditional firm set for all you traditional marmalade fans.

We had the pleasure of visiting Single Variety Co at their factory in Bristol earlier in the year & we delved into the process behind these delectable jars. Nicola explained during our visit how they’ve grown from selling their tasty Jams at food markets across London & how they have learned some amazing lessons along the way. They are extremely proud to now have a growing team of 9 and so many award-winning products that can be purchased from high end and independent retailers across the UK, via their website and also through us here at Arthur David!

Since our visit, they have been the winners in the Best Retail category in the Bristol Life Awards, are finalists in the Taste of the West awards and even featured on ITV News! Well done team! To see such a wonderful business & product range which has blossomed from Nicola’s home kitchen back in 2016, to what it is now, is nothing short of incredible. I’m sure everyone will join us in celebrating our brand-new arrivals from the range, and love them as much as we do!


Jade Tamblyn, Marketing Assistant.


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