The hand cooked crisps that bite back – Who are Salty Dog?

It was in 2002 when Dave Willis, fed up with delivering other people’s crisps, thought “we could make better crisps than those currently sitting in the back of my van”

Judy, his wife, fully agreed and soon afterwards Salty Dog crisps were born.

The name is a glowing tribute to Dave’s loveable cabin buddy Ruby, a terrier puppy - The business blossomed and in 2007 Salty Dog found himself given an all natural younger sister, Darling Spuds, who has been turning heads and breaking hearts ever since.

This fabulous business now sell not only crisps, but also Nuts, delicious Pork Crackling and SO much more. But what really makes them so special?

It’s the extra love and care that they lavish upon our pedigree potatoes that allows them to stand out from the crowd. They truly believe a pampered potato is a happy potato, so every spud has a relaxing rubdown before being diligently dunked in soothing sunflower oil, with its jacket left on! It’s now the turn of our expert fryers to hand cook our plucky potatoes to crunchy perfection. Lastly our special feisty seasonings are massaged in to complete these deliciously tasty crisps.


You can check out the full range over on their website or why not give us a shout and try give some of the products a try?

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