What can we expect on the food front for 2023?

Fine food trends for 2023

According to a study, three food and beverage trends that business owners should take into account are paying homage to the past, continuing to think about sustainability, and getting inspiration from abroad.

The food service company Bidfood revealed the upcoming, explosive food and beverage trends for 2023.

Although the hospitality industry is going through a difficult time, a Bidfood study found that customer demand for eating out is still robust. Of the 2,000 UK adults surveyed, 70% said they were most looking forward to eating and drinking away from home.

The following future tendencies were noted in the report:

  1. This is all about reimagining childhood experiences and evoking nostalgia, especially with pastries, cakes, and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Customers are consistently paying closer attention to both where they dine and drink out and what they order.
  3. Furthermore, Bidfood found that four popular cuisines do not currently have significant representation on menus, indicating that this is the ideal time for operators to do so. Which were:
  • Cuban. It has the potential to soar because nearly half (46%) of consumers say they would like to taste the island's delights. Cuban cuisine is influenced by Spain and the Caribbean.
  • Sri Lankan food has essential elements like turmeric, garlic, coconut, and cinnamon, and the amount of spice may be easily altered to suit a variety of palates.
  • Unusual pairings: 40% of consumers are interested in trying flavours and forms that wouldn't typically go together. Operators are recommended to experiment with novel fusions to set themselves apart from rivals.
  • Pan-African cuisine features a wide range of flavours produced by this sizable continent. It's a trend worth noting because it consists of hearty soups, stews, and rice-based meals that can be easily adapted.

African food, jerk chicken rice and sides

"We're thrilled to see how the food and drink trends landing in 2023 are embracing sustainability, flavour experimentation, and a journey through time, which in turn will allow the chefs to have fun while building their menus," said Catherine Hinchcliff, head of corporate marketing and insights at Bidfood.

"Eating out has turned into a highly valued luxury for many people, therefore chefs must think about how they may evolve their dishes and follow the more conscientious decisions consumers are making right now."

Source: Bidfood - 2023 Food and Drink Trends

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