Dark Chocolate Delice

Indulgent, luxurious, melt in the mouth and absolutely stunning on the plate - this Dark Chocolate Delice is the perfect treat for any Menu! 

Dark Chocolate Delice

Cooking time


Chocolate Mousse:
220ml full fat milk
3 x egg yolks
75g caster sugar
150g dark chocolate 55%
300ml double cream
2x leaf gelatine

Chocolate sponge:
2 x eggs
50g caster sugar
25g plain flour
25g cocoa powder

Chocolate mirror:
125g caster sugar
125ml water
40g cocoa powder
250g double cream
1 x leaf gelatine



Mix the eggs and sugar and whisk to ribbon stage (thick and pale) fold In sieved flour and cocoa. Spread on to a lined baking sheet and bake 160’c for 10 -15mins approx.


Mix the yolks and sugar and add the warmed milk and cook over a low heat until thick and creamy (custard). Melt the chocolate and add to the custard then add the softened gelatine and stir in and leave to cool, then fold in the semi whipped cream.


Dissolve the sugar in water had cocoa and cream and the softened gelatine, leave to cool but not cold.

To assemble:

Line a mould with parchment and cut the sponge to fit. Add the mousse and tap to make level then leave to set. Add the chocolate mirror and chill leave to rest for 4 hours or overnight. Cut with a warm knife or mould to desired shape and present.