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Freshly baked bread


Daily Bread

Whole grain sliced bread on wooden board

Our bakery delivers daily whether you want white or brown, medium or thick sliced or uncut loaves and rolls

Hobbs House

Artisan loaf of bread

We’ve partnered with artisan baker Hobbs House to offer a range of specialist breads and rolls

Fresh bread, delivered straight to your door

You name it, the odds are we can supply it. Our intention is to offer customers a complete service, and that includes the exceptional range of products available in our bakery range.

Starting with daily bread, we can offer daily delivery of sliced Hovis, either medium, thick, wholemeal or white, order by noon for the next day.

For something a little different we’ve partnered with the legendary artisan baker, Hobbs House, and can offer from their amazing range of breads…so if you’re looking for sourdough, a pain de champagne or maybe a brioche burger bun, look no further.

Frozen bread and bakery products

For added convenience we also offer an impressive range of frozen breads too. We stock Fletchers Sliced bread, Kara’s Bread Basket and also beautifully produced Speciality Breads baked in Kent.

Find out more about our range of Frozen Bakery products here.

So, give us today our daily bread…

Help & Advice

For help and advice about the range of bakery products we offer or to place an order, give our sales team a call on 0330 333 4441.

Alternatively, why not download our Hobbs House Bakery Brochure which provides a full listing of available products.

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